First and foremost, we are sisters. Our parents taught us to think for ourselves, to take care of others and live to be happy. “Conformity is the hobgoblin of little minds,” our father used to tell us. That desire to be true to ourselves is what drives our designs. Our love of design and creating beautiful spaces is inherited from our mother. Her eclectic taste and her appreciation for beauty.

This is a family business.

We are California girls, with roots in Ireland and Mexico. We share a love of travel and experiencing cultures through their own unique spaces. Spaces are personality. Spaces are moods. Spaces are history and family and love. And this idea is what sparked the beginning of Design 4 Corners.

We hail from the corners of Bali and California, and sometimes in between. We both come from backgrounds in design and project management, both practical and academic, and we have been building a brand that reflects our love of travel, color, pattern, texture, and interiors. But we believe it goes even deeper.

We believe that the spaces people inhabit -- the places we all live, work, play, eat and dream every day -- shape the ways we feel in subtle and overwhelming ways: our health, our happiness, our faith and our foundation; our sleep, our love, our productivity and our sanity. These are the rooms we inhabit.

And so we create every space with that in mind, with as much passion and care as if we were therapists, doctors, shaman or parents.

We believe in spaces. Our work is both a service and an offering, a passion and a calling. This is what we do. And we love it.

Love, the Sisters



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