Latest Creation - Swirl Boutique

Let’s face it. Shopping can be stressful at times. Typically, you’re searching for a particular item, a dress for a wedding, a suit for work, a gift for a friend or family member. When you walk into a retail store it’s important to feel welcome and comfortable. Otherwise you may not stay that long. What makes you feel comfortable in a space? Is it the flooring, are there comfortable rugs in the space? Is it the warm colors and tones of the wall paint. Is it the lighting? Is it the smell? Are candles burning or is incense freshening the air? Is it the type of product in the store? Are you surrounded by nature, flowers or plants? Is there a lot of natural sunlight? All of these things need to be considered to help make a space feel welcoming for your customers. At least these are the things we notice when we visit a space and we wanted the new Swirl Boutique to have all of these elements!

Our client Lisa, with Swirl Boutique, approached us earlier this year to help her design a new boutique location in Carlsbad! She wanted an elevated look. Something completely different than what her two current locations looked like. Her hope was to re-brand and create a more feminine look, than the signature blue that is Swirl Boutique. She presented us with inspirational images that were filled with beautiful terrazzo floors, pink lush fabrics, arched doorways and gold details. As we do with all of our clients, we gathered all of her wants and needs first and then develop a concept. A concept that would blend her vision as a boutique owner and our vision as the customer.





Lisa’s vision was completely on-point with our aesthetic. She was willing to take risks and step outside of her comfort zone to create a beautiful elegant space. Swirl Boutique became a space where Palm Springs meets Art Deco. Of course, we were immediately drawn to the all the terrazzo inspiration she presented and claimed that as the floor material. The tile we used was actually a porcelain tile mimicking a terrazzo design. A more affordable and durable option for commercial spaces. These beautiful floors drove the rest of the design. Next, this space needed depth and color. We used paint to color block the space to create interest and we pulled colors from the flooring and Lisa's mood boards. A beautiful pallet of pinks, maroons and violets was born. In addition, we included a burnt orange accent color to add contrast to the space. And because we are the sisters, no project is complete without a little touch of brass and black accents! Right?


We custom designed the brass clothing racks and mirrors to mimic the color blocking design on the walls. We wanted to keep the space simple and clutter free. In addition, we wanted this space to feel clean, vibrant and youthful. You’ll notice if you are in the space that there are very few sharp corners. The curves in the doorways and color blocking on the walls, the rounded edges of the clothing racks, furniture and accessories. The rounded edges and soft details help add to the calming experience of the shop.


As you enter the space you are greeted by a custom designed vinyl on the floor that reads “BEAUTY LIES WITHIN”. This was an important element in the space because although small and almost unnoticeable it’s an inviting gesture to all who enter. Simple words of encouragement that help the customer feel comfortable in the space. As you walk further in, past the beautiful clothing racks, you’re greeted by the custom designed point of sale area with the most beautiful white onyx countertop. The famous neon Swirl signage lives inside an arched niche that’s mirrored by an arch doorway into the style lounge and dressing rooms. Arches are in right now and so architecturally pleasing, again… we couldn’t help ourselves.


As you step into the style lounge you’re greeted by two very comfortable violet velvet chairs that sit atop a burnt orange shag rug. This part of the shop screams “take a seat and stay a while”. All you need is a glass of wine and someone fanning you with a palm and you’re staying until closing. The dressing room space holds 3 large dressing rooms, each one covered with royal blue velvet curtains. Inside the dressing rooms we installed a fun wallpaper and color blocking design with a rattan mirror (duh) and a modern style brass sconce (… also duh). Selfies are highly encouraged in these dressing rooms!


Introducing the new Swirl Boutique in Carlsbad! A space to be yourself, be young, feel beautiful and discover that BEAUTY LIES WITHIN…

Love, The Sisters