QUIZ: Which Interior Style Are You?

Holy heck, how is it the end of the year already? This past year just flew by for us! We’ve been reflecting on some of the projects that came out of this year and years past and each one is totally different than the last. Interested to see which style you relate to the most? This could set the tone for your 2019 design style!

First things first, which drink would you choose on a girl’s night out?

A. Wine

B. Hot Toddy

C. Pina Colada   

D. Espresso Marini


Which color palette below are you most drawn to?


What is your spirit animal?

A. I’m a bird

B. I’m a bear

C. I’m a monkey

D. I’m a horse


If you had to choose one, which of these plants would we find in your home?

A. A cactus

B. A stag-horn fern

C. The classic palm tree

D. A fiddle leaf fig tree


Choose a wood type:

A. White Oak

B. Maple

C. Teak

D. Walnut


You’re given a ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A. A tropical beach

B. A cool new city

C. The jungle or rainforest

D. The mountains


Pick a shoe:

A. Flats

B. Sneakers

C. Flip Flops

D. Boots


When I have a free moment to myself, I like to:

A. Spend time at the beach

B. Cook and create new recipes in the kitchen.

C. Go on a hike and explore.

D. Sit down and read a book.


Finish this sentence: I love the smell of __________

A. The ocean

B. Freshly baked cookies

C. Burning incense

D. A bonfire



If you answered “A” for most of your answers you relate most to our California Cool project. You love the beach and can’t be too far away from it. You enjoy the feeling of your toes in the sand and the warmth of the sun on your skin. You’re the hostess with the mostest and enjoy entertaining. You’re easy going and love spending time with family and friends!


If you answered “B” for most of your answers you relate most to our European Getaway project. This project undoubtedly reflects our love for Europe. The eclectic culture, the beautiful buildings and the history. If you relate most to this project you’re an adventurous soul. You love to learn and try new things. You’re spontaneous and enjoy the company of others. You love road trips no matter where the destination.


If you answered “C” for most of you answers you relate most to our Bali Villa projects. These projects have a special place in our hearts. They are different and each one has a different personality. Each one has lots of color and vibrancy. You too are a colorful soul. You crave adventure and travel, but you also love community and connecting with others. You’re creative and others are inspired by you!


If you answered “D” for most of your answers you relate most to our Modern Farmhouse project. This was one of our favorite projects this year. Simple, yet sophisticated. You enjoy spending most of your time with family. You like the comfort of your own home and on a Sunday afternoon we can find you curled up on the couch reading your favorite novel with a fresh cup of tea.


Happy New Year!

Love, The Sisters