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California Cool

What do you think of when you think of California? What thoughts or images come to your mind? The cool blues of the Pacific Ocean? The warmth of the California sun? Soft, sandy beaches? Visions of dedicated surfers catching their early morning waves? Tall palm trees lining every street? This was the question we asked ourselves when our client, who loves everything about our beautiful golden state, asked us to renovate her home.

Our client, a rock-star mom to a beautiful three-year-old little girl with another one on the way. Her husband loves to surf, and the entire family enjoys entertaining in their beautiful Encinitas home. She and her family moved into a cookie cutter home that fit the needs of their family but failed to reflect their personalities. That’s where we come in!


Starting with the heart of the home, we redesigned her existing kitchen, removing dated dark wood cabinets and replacing them with beautiful white wood cabinets. We added a gorgeous marble backsplash behind and a custom hood to match. We designed a new island, pantry and dry bar to complete a space that would become the centerpiece of her home!


Next, we tackled her main living area, which we believe coined the title #projectcaliforniacool. Here we removed the same dark wood media center cabinetry and replaced it with a custom designed white wood built-in, complete with shiplap details and open wood shelving. In the same room we added a white-washed brick wall behind her couch. Adding this detail in addition to some small accessories gave this room new life.


One of the biggest transformations to this home was in her sitting room. We moved an entire fireplace! That’s right people a fireplace - “It would look so much better if it was on this wall”, we all whispered to ourselves during a programing meeting. Well this tedious task turned out to be one of our favorite spaces in the home. By relocating the fireplace to another wall it transformed the flow throughout the home. Where the fireplace used to live, we replaced it with large sliding glass doors that opened up into her pool area. The fireplace was relocated to her back wall, designed with the same backsplash as the wet bar and beautiful wood accents and shiplap details from the living room.


Small changes here and there throughout the home made our client feel like it was a space custom designed for her and her family. Now when we ask you the question what do you think of when you think of California, what will you say?


Love, The Sisters