The Sisters Favorite Spots in San Diego

Sharing is caring.  And we care dammit.  So we’re sharing our favorite San Diego hot spots.  Who knows, you just might run into us.


Elaina’s Favorites-

Fully Loaded Micro Juicery

High fives to our new neighbor and favorite locale for cold pressed juice. These juice wonders hit it out of the park, er garden.  With 3-4 pounds of produce in each bottle, Fully Loaded is doing their damndest to keep us healthy.


This place may not be new to you, but after coming back to Cali after 10 years, this place is certainly new to me.  So I can’t go to Naples after work…but there’s always Napizza.


Susanna’s Favorites-

Lofty Coffee

Coffee shops are a dime a dozen, but Lofty makes coffee an experience.  I love the lattes with homemade almond milk and nosh on the arugula and fig salad for a delectable treat.  Ok, so the real treat is the the gluten free bread and butter.


Birds Eye Kitchen

Speaking of nosh fests, I love Bird’s Eye Kitchen.  It’s the healthiest Southeast Asian food around with organic, non-GMO ingredients.  The Mussamun Curry is my go-to favorite obsession.


Now get eatin’, shoppin’, drinkin’ friends.  And don’t forget to share with us your favorite local spots!


Love, The Sisters

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