Tips When Hiring an Interior Designer


There’s that sweet spot in time when the heavens part, mercury is not in retrograde and the stars seem to align in sublime orientation that beholden the path for the perfect interior designer.

We’re kidding…well, kind of. 

Finding the right interior designer can be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to your home, but it’s not a cosmic challenge.  It does, however, take some research to find the perfect designer to carry out your overall vision and setting reasonable expectations, especially when it comes to cost.  Just like you wouldn’t have your podiatrist do your facelift, you wouldn’t trust just any designer to makeover your home.  Here are our best tips when considering an interior designer.




If you’ve never worked with an interior designer understand that they don’t come cheap.  But it’s all about the return on your investment and hiring the right interior designer can save you time and money in the end. Be ready to be decisive and try to define your style as much as possible.  At the very least know what you love and what you don’t. We’re pretty sure that’s how Pinterest came to be.  It’s important to realize that for any and all projects, there are hundreds of details at stake, so it’s only fair that the designer is privy to what you are expecting.


It helps to get a recommendation from someone you trust who has had a positive experience. And don’t hesitate to interview a few people or at the very least have a list of questions prepared for the designer. The relationship between a designer and client is an intimate one that requires a lot of clear communication so make sure you’re comfortable with your designer-to-be.  Trust is essential.


Interior designers have access to the universe of all that is low-end, mid range and the high-end.  If you don’t give them a number to work with, they will most likely aim for the high-end of your design wish list to complete your vision. It’s imperative for your own sanity and bank account that your designer understands what you’re willing to spend money on and where you’re willing to compromise. Designers are highly skilled and can get creative with your budget, mixing high-end with low-end. You can also consider an all in budget, budgets for each individual space, or a flexible budget that has allowances for all the moving parts. It’s worth the time to heavily consider your appropriate budget as most trustworthy designers will provide pricing on everything before anything is purchased to keep the project on track.


Like with any relationship, communication is pivotal to success. Be upfront about money, style and expectations in the very beginning and maintain those conversations throughout the process. Interior designers are not mind readers.  If you’re not happy with something, tell them. If you need more information, tell them. If you want to be more involved, tell them. Good communication or the lack thereof can make or break a project.


If you are considering an interior designer, you’re already on the right path.  Our tips will help you narrow down your options and get you to swipe right on the top-notch match for you.  Happy hiring!


Love, The Sisters