A Year in Review: 2017

As I sit here in our new office and home boutique here in the coastal city of Encinitas, curled up in a sweater and sipping a hot latte, it’s hard to imagine that less than six months ago I was packing up my villa in Bali. The villa was the genesis of my family, where my children were born and raised, where my love for design became institutionally rooted. The villa was more than a structure. It was the foundation. But life is about big moves.

Since our inception, Susanna and I worked hard at creating a presence in both California and Bali. We created a company that slowly evolved over the years weathering through the economic crisis in America in 2008, supporting each other, as I became a mother and Susanna an auntie. We carried this company of ours on our backs through so many amazing adventures and wild and scary times (and might I add, from opposite ends of the globe). I think it was our deep seeded passion and stronghold for our purpose that drove us to keep moving forward.

Looking back on 2017, we didn’t just move forward; we moved up. To see our work spread through the pages of Elle Decoration, the cover of an Indonesian Home magazine, and spliced through Conde Naste Traveller is beyond words. We completed two massive villas in Bali (The Mandala House-@themandalahouse- and Villa Coco) and a huge 5,000+ square foot Modern Farmhouse here in San Diego.

Our brick and mortar boutique in Encinitas served as the icing on our proverbial cake in 2017. These projects nearly knocked the wind out of us and required a level of commitment that challenged our drive to continue, but the lessons learned will serve us forever. It’s a testament to our hard work, creative vision and pure passion for the aesthetic. And before we gear up for what 2018 has to offer we want to take a moment and just remember what this past year has taught us; it’s always worth it.

 As the creative guru and entrepreneur, Dave Brown, says, you have to “love your work, work your love.”  And that’s just what we’re doing.

All this time we never stopped believing that this would all lead to something great. To say that it hasn’t been easy would be an understatement. We’re so proud of this work and so grateful that we can share it with all of you.

From our family to yours, may 2018 be bold and filled with love and beauty.

Love, The Sisters