Modern Farmhouse

E.T. wanted to phone home for a reason- anything to get him out of the cookie cutter, model home. Master planned communities with their superfluous amenities like safe and sound neighborhoods, amazing schools, and scenic parks are feasts for families, especially here in San Diego. Unfortunately, they also lack optimal space planning, attention to detail, and character. Each house is a copy-paste of the house next to it.

Enter Modern Farmhouse, the design trend that marries old and new, bringing warmth into dead space. Modern Farmhouse is aesthetically defined by ship lap, clean lines, a mix of rustic and industrial touches, aged brick, and soft and worn fabrics with texture that screams cozy.

For this family of 5, the carbon copy of the house next door wasn’t going to cut it.  They called on us to make this house a home and nothing says custom like gutting a new home and starting anew with a fresh, blank canvas.  (Don’t worry- all appliances were donated).  The “like a glove” barstools, rustic and worn in enough to make anyone want to take roots in the kitchen, nestle among high-end cabinetry.  We added a mud room, catch-all and command wall at the garage entry to accommodate this avant-garde family.  The staircase was re-designed, blending tile and aged wood.  The bathrooms put the luxury in functional, draped in clean lines and simple design with a slight industrial whisper.  This home was completely customized to align with the family’s needs and requests. 

From cookie cutter to sacred space, this beautiful Modern Farmhouse now hugs a happy family of five.  And E.T.

Love, the Sisters