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Latest Creation - Van De Vort

Like many, we have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. We can't seem to figure out the newest algorithm and the constant updates, but it's provided us with so many great opportunities! We've met some amazing clients and lifelong friends through the app and that's exactly how we met our client Andrea, the owner of our latest creation Van De Vort. When we first met in person we connected instantly! She had a clear vision of what she wanted the space to look like, which was helpful for us. She showed us her mood boards and inspiration and we were instantly hooked! We couldn't wait to get started and dove right in!


Andrea presented us with a mood board that was filled with checkered black and white floors, columns, old painted walls, globe fixtures and lush plants in every picture. In other words, all of the old-world cafe vibes that we die for! Like us sisters, she is a huge fan of Paris, France and wanted her shop to feel as though you had walked right into a European getaway. She envisioned a space with old world charm and a feeling that the place had been around for a while. Are you hooked yet, because we were! We got started right away with a concept and instantly connected with some of our favorite vendors to collaborate with including Portola Paints, North County Tile and Stone, Stone Impressions and Arto Brick. We were met with such a good response and were lucky enough to pick and choose some amazing materials that helped build what the new Van De Vort is today!



As we began designing the space, we knew we wanted to incorporate columns somewhere significant. We also wanted to define a clear point of sales area. We decided to flank two columns next to the cash wrap and wrapped them in the Arto Brick's Artillo Early Gray Limestone tile concrete. The finish was perfect because it provided the illusion that these columns had always been there, exactly the look we were going for! The Stone Impressions tile, The Aurum Collection, that lives in between the columns is the perfect amount of old world and glam!

Throughout the space and above the point of sale we added globe pendants with a modern twist to add to the “café” energy Europe is so well known for!


Adding archways to the dressing rooms was another way to create an old-world vibe in addition to the texture of the Portola Paint throughout. Portola Paints Roman Clay finish was perfect in this space. It has a matte, velvet finish that gives the illusion that it's clay or a plaster finish! We did some color blocking on some feature walls to modernize the space and define certain sections of the store! Designer Tip - color blocking is a great way to make a statement in a space without spending a lot of money!


Can we talk about the wallpaper by Cole and Son, provided by Kravet? Our client has a thing for sexy leopards. I mean, what fashionista doesn’t? Andrea found this wallpaper and knew she had to incorporate it into the space. We could not have agreed more! Great minds think alike because we all agreed without a doubt that it needed to live in the dressing rooms!


Now enter Prince Van De Vort, the shops mascot, who honestly needs his own Instagram handle. If you’ve been to this space you know who we're talking about. He sits proudly near the cash wrap guarding his castle. Yes, it’s the fabulous cheetah statue. While Andrea was sourcing for clothing pieces in the LA fashion district, she stumbled upon an entire shop of these babies! She texted us immediately asking if she should purchase him. Without hesitation we replied… “DUH"! One of the best discoveries has become one of our favorite elements of the space!


For us, the black and white floors really make the space special! Provided by North County Tile and Stone, we laid these tiles in a diagonal format to dress up the space a little which in our opinion screams Europe! Probably our second favorite part of the space! But really, how can you choose a favorite part…?


We couldn’t design the space without a little taste of Bali! These vintage teak shelves are straight from Indonesia and their finish adds a richness to the space!

In addition, all of the clothing racks are custom made with acrylic rods and brass hardware! They bring an element of elegance to the space but are subtle enough to let the merchandise shine! 


The chandelier to us is the cherry on top! This piece was truly a labor of love. It took an entire day to put that pretty girl together, but SO worth the time and energy! She’s a beauty, isn’t she? This piece really makes the space and adds an eclectic, vintage vibe that we were all searching for in the beginning!


Swing by the new One Paseo development in Del Mar to check out this beautiful space! Be sure to take a selfie in the dressing rooms or re-apply your lipstick in one of the many vintage gold mirrors. Happy shopping! Your prince and castle await!

Love, The Sisters

Valentines Day 2019 Gift Guide

1) Hoop Earrings - The perfect little hoops for any occasion! 

2) Vegan Lipstick - Pucker up! You can't go wrong with this gift, especially if your name is Bianca because that's the name of this amazing lip color!

3) Cheetah Clutch - You'll never leave the house without this sexy little number!

4) Leaf Supply - Keep your beautiful house plants happy with this plant supply guide! Perfect for all plant lovers!

5) Red Leopard iPhone Case - You won't loose your phone with this baby!

6) Ryder Tote - The perfect tote for any getaway! 

7) Dream Stone Necklace - Well aren't you dreamy! Lets face it they say… diamonds are a girls best friend. And whoever "they" are, they're completely right! Number one gift rule:  jewelry is always a good idea!

8) Communal Coffee Gift Card - You can NOT go wrong with a coffee gift card, especially to this cute cafe! 

9) Plants - One can never have enough plants! A little air-plant is the perfect gift! All it needs a little water, sunshine and love!

Love, The Sisters

The Sisters Beauty Guide

Let's face it… we all make those resolutions to work-out more and eat healthier at the start of the new year, but what about our beauty routine? We're switching it up this week on the blog and sharing our favorite local beauty products to get you started for the new year!

We're not experts in this field, we'll stick to design, however we're digging these products! One of our favorite shops to get great health concuss products is SHOPGOOD located in North Park. She carries a number of amazing brands! We swear, just walking into her shop you feel better!

One of our favorite products is the Aether Beauty – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette. It comes with 12 different shades and is infused with organic rose hip oil to benefit radiant looking glowing skin. The radest part is that each shade is infused with REAL Rose Quartz powder, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness! Yeah you heard that right, real rose quartz! In addition, the packaging is all made of completely sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. The best part, 10% of the proceeds go to The Water Project, which provides clean drinking water across Africa. 


Shop at Shop Good

Are you like us, always searching for the perfect red lipstick? Well, we got you, this is it - Alima Pure’s – Velvet Lipstick. Made from all natural ingredients including Sea Buckthorn, which is rich in Omega 7 and hydrating, Avocado Oil that provides rich amino acid protein, vitamins and potassium. Our favorite shade is Olivia a vibrant, juicy red!


Sold at Shop Good

We love our morning coffee, however we’ve recently discovered Golden Milk Lattes, and we are obsessed! A blend of organic turmeric, black pepper and ginger combined with milk and coconut oil. This drink has so many benefits. It's loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. It also boosts your immune system and eases your digestive system. We love THE NEW NEW AGE Golden Milk Powder from Shop Good. Mix it with some warm milk and it’s the perfect grab and go drink with so many benefits!


Sold at Shop Good

Raise your hand if your obsessed with podcasts. Well after listening to How I Built This Podcast with Emily Weiss from Glossier we were immediately intrigued and quickly obsessed with the brand! Emily Weiss started a beauty blog called Into the Gloss which rapidly gained an enormous following and four years later she launched her own beauty lined called Glossier. This make up brand is unlike any other. The objective of the makeup is to portray a completely natural look. Which is genius by the way! Our favorite product is The Makeup Set – a staple to your everyday makeup routine. It includes Boy Brow, Lash Stick and Cloud Paint. Made from natural ingredients, Boy Brow consists of beeswax that helps hold your hair in place and a number of other natural ingredients that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your hair fibers. Cloud Paint is another favorite and is the perfect cheek stain! It's smooth and provides a seamless application for your cheeks, but can also be applied to your lips and eyelids - whhhaaatt!?


Shop at Glossier

It's a new year, which means a new you. Check out these amazing products and let us know what you think! 

Love, The Sisters

What We're Wearing for The Fourth

Red, denim, hot dogs, and freedom. That’s right…Independence Day is right around the corner. This 4th of July we’ll be celebrating the U. S. of A. with our family and friends. Our personal aesthetic goes beyond the interior of the homes we design; good design, afterall, is a lifestyle. Check out how we’re rockin’ out this 4th with our personal flair. The best part, all these gorg goods can be found locally.


This 4th, why not invite your accessories to make a statement.  Nothing says summer like bold sunnies and notable hoops.









Comfort doesn’t have to be frumpy.  Get down and boho chic at the family bbq with your best worn-in jeans and a kitten heel.







Stars, stripes, and polka dots.  Sometimes you have to mix it up.  Because YOLO.  Obviously.








Whether you decide to picnic or parade, celebrate your signature style this Independence Day…or rip a page out of our book.  And yes, have another slice of that American flag cool whip cake. 

Happy 4th of July!

When Two Worlds Collide


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” – Marc Jacobs

Yassss Queen!  In fact, that’s how we feel about home design.  Your personal aesthetic is a true form of self-expression.  Whether it’s the teak and copper bowl you’ve chosen to sit on your coffee table or the statement necklace draping along your décolletage, home design and fashion are one in the same.  There’s something to be said about marinating in your own sense of style.  We are taking a page from Marc’s book and showing you some home design and fashion inspiration. 



NECKLACE: DESIGN 4 CORNERS VIA KIM EGEL - Available in store at Design 4 Corners or here.






SHOES: URBAN OUTFITTERS - no longer available but these are similar (and slightly better)

Love, The Sisters

Style Tips from our Local Creative Guru: Jackie Percy

Creatives make this world go round and there’s nothing we love more than highlighting our local visionaries. Introducing the stylist herself, Jackie Percy. Her acute fashion sense brings us to our knees and she does classic and edgy like no one else. She is the jack of all aesthetic trades- photographer, graphic designer, jewelry designer, and stylist. Her creativity will inspire you…seriously.


Here’s Jackie’s top 6 insights to inspire your own inner sense of style.

1. Where and how did you gather your sense of style?

It’s always evolving really. I think I’m constantly gathering inspiration from the world around me, from studying different types of art, to sculpture and film. Studying art I was always analyzing forms and colors and textures. Naturally, I grew to apply a similar curatorial eye to my style and the way I put myself together. As my style has evolved, I’ve found myself more drawn to pieces that feel classic and clean, but also have something unique and fresh about them. I try to collect pieces that aren’t solely defined by trend so they will fit within my wardrobe longer as my taste continues to evolve and change.


2. What’s your go-to piece that every woman should/needs to own?

A nicely tailored black jumpsuit. Or, a good pair of high-waisted, wide leg trousers.


3.  What tips can you offer on defining or discovering your true self or sense of style?

Listen to yourself. Pay attention to what you find yourself drawn to, what you admire, and ask yourself whyyou like these things. Then assess how you could apply those styles, trends or pieces to yourself. I think it’s important to keep in mind your frame and unique features and learn what styles and silhouettes compliment them best. There are styles that I love aesthetically, but just don’t work that well on my short, petite frame or don’t mix well with my blunt bob, and that’s okay.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 5.07.26 PM.png

4.  Where do you shop for clothes? What’s your favorite shop?

I love to go virtual window shopping on sites like Bona DragNeed SupplyReformation. Then, once a piece sticks in my head long enough as a special or super useful piece, I’ll pull the trigger.

5.  What color do you recommend paying attention to right now?

I’m drawn to frosty sage hues lately. I’ve always been a sucker for all shades of green.

6.  What is a must for you to have in your home? What’s your home style like?What are your favorite design mags or blogs?

My husband and I have been living in a little place that was built in the1920’s for the past eight years, so the uniqueness of the spot has lead to a simple, modern vintage sort of design style. A must for me would be bringing touches of nature into the space. Plenty of natural light and some nice greenery in clean, neutral planters or simple glass vases goes a long way. Gather Journal and Above Sea Level are my absolute favorite magazines right now. While their subject matter is more food and beverage oriented, the creative direction (especially Gather Journal) is ridiculously good.

Quick round of:

Coffee or Tea:TEA

Lipstick or chapstick: CHAPSTICK. I’m addicted.

Heels or flats: These days FLATS (even though I’m short :/ )

Red wine or white:BOTH

Beach or mountains:BEACH

Hike or stroll:HIKE

Jeans or Skirt:TROUSERS?

Less or More:LESS

Read below to hear more about Jackie’s story…

What is your skill? What were you trained in?

I got my BA in Visual Arts at UCSD. While I took classes like Drawing, Sculpture & Performance Art, the skills that I cultivated most were critical thinking, conceptualization and curation. I was really pushed to learn how to communicate ideas through a variety of mediums with consideration of how people experience artwork. It was a really interesting time of exploration for me. Over the years I have taken additional courses in jewelry design and fabrication, learning mold making and lost wax casting.

What do you do now?

I have been working in digital marketing for the last two and half years. I spend my time in graphic and web design, art direction, email marketing, and content creation.

What would you prefer to be doing?

I’ve wanted to be an illustrator since I was a child. Jewelry design and photography bring me immense joy as well, and I’m very interested in other types of design like interior and landscape design. I’m drawn to creating spaces and experiences for people. When it comes down to it, I guess I’m still trying to hone in on what I’d most prefer.

When did you feel you came in to your own? Can you explain this a bit?

In my mid-twenties I guess. I was doing more jewelry design within this period and spending a lot of time researching and exploring designers of all different mediums. It really broadened my perspective on fashion and design and helped evolve my personal style.

What’s your favorite past time?

Drawing. And jigsaw puzzles. I love jigsaw puzzles.

What’s your current obsession?

I guess cooking. I really enjoy preparing meals and utilizing our local farmer’s markets to source ingredients. Purchasing food directly from farmers and producers helps me feel a bit more grounded and connected.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Exploring the Basque country of Spain.

We dig this blunt bob goddess.  Like really dig her.  From her earlier days serving at Tomiko’s (RIP Tomiko’s) to present day, Jackie Percy inspires us to stay curious and push our own limits of creativity.

Love, The Sisters

Gift Guide - Valentines Day

Love is grand, but showing your love doesn’t have to be overtly ambitious.  It’s the little things that count and small gestures can go a long way.  Whether you share those moments with your significant other or bestie, Valentine’s is a day to spread a little love. It could be as simple as a quick love note or baking some cookies.  Afterall, nothing says love like “I’m thinking of you.”

After recently opening our own brick and mortar retail shop here in Encinitas, we feel it’s important to support our local artists. The San Diego seams are busting with talented and phenomenal entrepreneurs.  Below are some of our local favs, including goodies from our shop that may inspire you to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!


Rais Case – We love this company and everything they stand for! This Vida Bag is a great “look ma, no hands” gift as it can easily convert from cross body to fanny pack.  It’s perfect for carrying all those love notes.

  1. Chelsea Pots – We are head-over-bowls in love with this potter! Check out more of her custom designs or pick up one of these tea bowls for the coffee or tea drinker in your life.

  2. Often Wander – We adore this local artist in Ocean Beach. These tassel babies are perfect for the bohemian you love.

  3. Proximity Book – A great addition to any beach bungalow or coffee table! Pick up a copy for the avid surfer in your life in our shop - you can also shop this book in our shop!

  4. Cuttlefish Wall Hanging – Even walls need some amore.  These Cuttlefish Wall Hangings are one of a kind and the perfect gift for the beach babe.

  5. Kim Egel – Make Stevie Nicks shed a gypsy tear. The Agate necklace is a great gift for the healer and protector in your universe.

  6. Design 4 Corners – Your hostess with the mostest will obsess over these Shell Coasters.  Because damn you, water rings.

  7. Four Moons Spa – Everyone deserves a little R&R! Four Moons is a North County gem, and with so many treatment options, this is the perfect gift for that lover lover who needs some me time.

  8. Lofty Coffee Co. Gift Card – If you know us, you know we have an affinity for Lofty Coffee. Shop their unique coffee blends or if you can’t decide, grab a gift card!

  9. Design 4 Corners – Statement keychains.  Yes, they’re a thing. Grab a statement keychain for that special someone that’s just always on the go!


Happy Valentines Day Loves! Now go shop your little hearts out!

Love, The Sisters

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Our Current Blog Crushes

You may already know about these fabulous bloggers…but these days we find ourselves frequenting them on the regular for design inspiration.  If you haven’t stumbled across these creative do-er’s then get your lil butts to their design mecca’s and check them out.

  • Brittney Makes:  For project tutorials, and color overload!

  • New Darlings:  For a freakishly adorable husband and wife duo with mad mid century modern style, and MAJOR hair envy.  (Christina, your hair is to dye for!!!!)

  • House of Hipsters:  For “down to earth, I can actually achieve this look” design inspiration! Love it!

  • My Scandinavian Home:  For everything you wish your home was.