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Get The Look- 4th of July

The warmth in the air, the smell of barbecue on the grill, the sound of kids playing in the background; maybe you have a cold glass of rose in hand, sitting around a fire pit waiting for the fireworks to lighten the night sky. 

It literally feels like just yesterday it was New Years Eve yet this week we're all celebrating the Fourth of July, a day that marks the beginning of summer, aka the season for parties and outdoor activities! If you're hosting the party this year and need some help with some cute decor and outdoor furniture, we've got you covered. We've selected some of our favorite pieces that are perfect for the holiday and the rest of the summer season!


Wood Chargers

Star Plate


Red Plate

We hope this guide helps all you amazing hosts out there! Happy Summer, happy shopping and Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours! 

Love, The Sisters

Meet Us In Mexico

We’re constantly inspired by the world around us and, in particular, Mexico. As some of you may or may not know we are of Irish and Mexican descent. That being said it’s safe to say that our heritage has influenced many of our designs. We’re suckers for an amazing decorative tile and a classic terra-cotta finish. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner we wanted to celebrate by sharing our favorite spots in Mexico and how you can get the look in your own home!


One of our favorite cities in Mexico is Oaxaca. Known for its vibrant colored buildings, delicious food markets and unbeatable art scene. The colors of this city are so inspiring! Oaxaca undoubtedly has a soul of its own! Don’t be deceived by its size because this little city has a big heart and a huge personality!


Photos: Pinterest


Paint a door in your home a fun vibrant color.

Go bold with paint colors by accenting a wall in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Play with paint colors on the trim of your doors, windows or stairs.


If we were a hotel we would probably be this one. This gorgeous space is filled with stunning decorative tile everywhere you look, simple textiles, colorful accents and breathtaking views!

We love every design element in this hotel and are inspired by Hotel San Cristobal on a daily basis! Is it obvious? HA!


Photos: Hotel San Cristobal, Pinterest


You can never go wrong with a beautiful decorative tile on bathroom floors, backsplashes, fireplaces or stair risers. 

Add some clay pendant lights or rattan furniture to bring some natural elements into your space.

Accent pillows are a great way to add a pop of color to any space.

PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS - can’t go wrong with some cacti scattered throughout your space inside and out.


Decorative Tile

Pendant Lights

Accent Pillows

Terra-cotta Pots



Close your eyes and imagine yourself laying in a hammock slowly rocking back and forth. Listening to the wind flow through the palm trees outside. It's peaceful and serene. You open your eyes and see lush greenery outside and blue skies reflecting on the pool below. This is the experience of Hotel Tiki Tiki in Tulum. The energy in this space makes you feel like you’ve walked right into a jungle paradise. The décor is simple with modern nods to classic Mexican design.


Photos: The Venue Report, Pinterest


The color blue calms the soul. Adding blue accents in your furniture or floor tile makes any space feel a bit more serene and spa like.

Low comfortable seating such as a hammock or accent chairs and stools will make the space feel more inviting.

Dark wood accents add a richness to the space.

Breeze block is a great way to divide a space inside or outside while allowing light and air to flow through. Keep in mind breeze block is best in space where you are exposed to the elements.


Yellow Vases

Accent Lounge Chairs

Woven Stool

Rattan Bar Stools

Blue Pot

Decorative Tile

We could go on and on about the inspiration we find in and throughout Mexico. But for now we hope this post inspires you to be a little bolder with color and texture in your home! Take risks but stay true to who YOU are. This is us and we are proud to celebrate and share it!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Love, The Sisters

Valentines Day 2019 Gift Guide

1) Hoop Earrings - The perfect little hoops for any occasion! 

2) Vegan Lipstick - Pucker up! You can't go wrong with this gift, especially if your name is Bianca because that's the name of this amazing lip color!

3) Cheetah Clutch - You'll never leave the house without this sexy little number!

4) Leaf Supply - Keep your beautiful house plants happy with this plant supply guide! Perfect for all plant lovers!

5) Red Leopard iPhone Case - You won't loose your phone with this baby!

6) Ryder Tote - The perfect tote for any getaway! 

7) Dream Stone Necklace - Well aren't you dreamy! Lets face it they say… diamonds are a girls best friend. And whoever "they" are, they're completely right! Number one gift rule:  jewelry is always a good idea!

8) Communal Coffee Gift Card - You can NOT go wrong with a coffee gift card, especially to this cute cafe! 

9) Plants - One can never have enough plants! A little air-plant is the perfect gift! All it needs a little water, sunshine and love!

Love, The Sisters

The Sisters Beauty Guide

Let's face it… we all make those resolutions to work-out more and eat healthier at the start of the new year, but what about our beauty routine? We're switching it up this week on the blog and sharing our favorite local beauty products to get you started for the new year!

We're not experts in this field, we'll stick to design, however we're digging these products! One of our favorite shops to get great health concuss products is SHOPGOOD located in North Park. She carries a number of amazing brands! We swear, just walking into her shop you feel better!

One of our favorite products is the Aether Beauty – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette. It comes with 12 different shades and is infused with organic rose hip oil to benefit radiant looking glowing skin. The radest part is that each shade is infused with REAL Rose Quartz powder, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness! Yeah you heard that right, real rose quartz! In addition, the packaging is all made of completely sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. The best part, 10% of the proceeds go to The Water Project, which provides clean drinking water across Africa. 


Shop at Shop Good

Are you like us, always searching for the perfect red lipstick? Well, we got you, this is it - Alima Pure’s – Velvet Lipstick. Made from all natural ingredients including Sea Buckthorn, which is rich in Omega 7 and hydrating, Avocado Oil that provides rich amino acid protein, vitamins and potassium. Our favorite shade is Olivia a vibrant, juicy red!


Sold at Shop Good

We love our morning coffee, however we’ve recently discovered Golden Milk Lattes, and we are obsessed! A blend of organic turmeric, black pepper and ginger combined with milk and coconut oil. This drink has so many benefits. It's loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. It also boosts your immune system and eases your digestive system. We love THE NEW NEW AGE Golden Milk Powder from Shop Good. Mix it with some warm milk and it’s the perfect grab and go drink with so many benefits!


Sold at Shop Good

Raise your hand if your obsessed with podcasts. Well after listening to How I Built This Podcast with Emily Weiss from Glossier we were immediately intrigued and quickly obsessed with the brand! Emily Weiss started a beauty blog called Into the Gloss which rapidly gained an enormous following and four years later she launched her own beauty lined called Glossier. This make up brand is unlike any other. The objective of the makeup is to portray a completely natural look. Which is genius by the way! Our favorite product is The Makeup Set – a staple to your everyday makeup routine. It includes Boy Brow, Lash Stick and Cloud Paint. Made from natural ingredients, Boy Brow consists of beeswax that helps hold your hair in place and a number of other natural ingredients that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your hair fibers. Cloud Paint is another favorite and is the perfect cheek stain! It's smooth and provides a seamless application for your cheeks, but can also be applied to your lips and eyelids - whhhaaatt!?


Shop at Glossier

It's a new year, which means a new you. Check out these amazing products and let us know what you think! 

Love, The Sisters

Holiday Gift Guide

1) Winter Cook Book – Warm recipes for cold nights!

2) The Carlo Mack-Speckled Fedora Hat – Naughty or Nice, I’m really hoping this hat will be under the tree this year!

3) Plant Pots – If you’re ever in a pickle for a good gift, just get her a cute vase and some flowers, trust us!

4) Herkimer Diamond “Starburst” Stud Earrings – Look-in good girl, these are the perfect addition to any holiday outfit!

5) HOMEBODY – Raise your hand if you’re a “homebody” like us! Cuddle up on the couch with this baby and get inspired to create spaces in your home you’ll never want to leave.

6) Shema Wallet + Clutch – ATTENTION! We’ve discovered the perfect catch all wallet/clutch.

7) Kingston Tasseled Mule – GOLD – Everyone will be asking you where you got your shoes at this year’s holiday party in these babies!

8) Tiled Margot Monogram Mug – I mean can a mug get any sexier? Cheers!


Happy Shopping!

Love, The Sisters

Father's Day-Gift Guide

The eye of the storm is that peaceful calm in the center of chaos.  That’s where you find good ol’ dad.  Dads are special like that.  Our pops is no exception.  He has inspired us in so many ways and we carry his life lessons in everything we do. “Conformity is the hobgoblin of little minds,” our father used to say. That desire to strive for authenticity and to be true to who we are is what drives our designs.

So how do we honor dad this year?  Only with local goods of course!  Let us help you with our handy Father’s Day gift guide. 


1) Brass Bottle Openers - Nothing better than pops poppin’ bottles up in here with these. Available at Design 4 Corners.

2) Swee’ Pea Bing Surfboard - Hang ten daddy-o with a Swee’ Pea surfboard. Shop the collection at BingSurfboards.

3) SUPERbrand Fin - Help the surfer dude in your life accessorize in the most righteous way.  SUPERbrand Surf Accessories is your local choice for all your dad’s quintessential needs.  Available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar

4) Proximity Book - Surfs up - A picture says a thousand words they say - If that’s the case this book should do the trick. Shop this book and many more coffee table books in our shop at Design 4 Corners.

5) Raen Sunglasses - Retro shades, like these Raen Sunglasses, will keep dad lookin’ fresh to death. 

6) Luau Socks - Sometimes the socks make the man.  Ok, maybe not…but it doesn’t hurt.  Check out Richer Poorer socks, available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar.

7) Evil Eye Flask - Theres nothing evil about this gift, make sure you keep an eye on it! Available at SALT Culture.

8) Havaina Sandals - Just make sure dad doesn’t wear his socks with these Havaiana sandals, also at @allday_allgoods.

9) Rustic Iron Wine Opener - You can’t wrong with a good wine opener, this one’s for all the men who believe its 5’oclock somewhere! Also available at SALT Culture.

10) Malabar Shorts (Brown) - Dad can rock these “Malabar” shorts land and sea! Shop the collection at SALT Culture.

11) Towel - This Slowtide beach towel is so divine, you’ll gift it…and then continuously borrow it. Available at @allday_allgoods.


Without dads, we wouldn’t be here.  Let’s all slow clap together and celebrate how awesome they are. Make this Father’s Day one to remember.


Love, The Sisters

When Two Worlds Collide


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” – Marc Jacobs

Yassss Queen!  In fact, that’s how we feel about home design.  Your personal aesthetic is a true form of self-expression.  Whether it’s the teak and copper bowl you’ve chosen to sit on your coffee table or the statement necklace draping along your décolletage, home design and fashion are one in the same.  There’s something to be said about marinating in your own sense of style.  We are taking a page from Marc’s book and showing you some home design and fashion inspiration. 



NECKLACE: DESIGN 4 CORNERS VIA KIM EGEL - Available in store at Design 4 Corners or here.






SHOES: URBAN OUTFITTERS - no longer available but these are similar (and slightly better)

Love, The Sisters

Using Black + White in Your Home

The centerpiece to any great kitchen is simply the people who fill it. When our client called for white, her favorite color, we were excited about creating a kitchen ready for her family’s most memorable moments. Using accents of black made this design dramatic without taking away from this clean and timeless look.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.32.56 PM.png

Our client is a high-powered attorney with two small kids who was looking for a sacred space, a solace for her family to gather. We removed her multi-angled, multi-height island and swapped it for a long, wide quartz counter island so she could keep her eye on her kids while she was cooking and completely transformed her outdated kitchen to a full-functioning space ready for entertaining.


It’s important to bring elements of the outside in, starting with natural light. We converted a window to a door and added an additional door, providing sunlight and access to the yard. Black framed and mullion doors, often called factory doors (and totally #trending right now), complimented the white space. Structurally, making these doors work was a challenge, but provided the design impact for that one-two punch, knockout kitchen.


If you look closely you will notice some architectural detail work in the cabinetry.  As designers, sometimes we delight in keeping it simple. Peppering this stark white kitchen with black accents made a big impact.   It’s an understated fabulous-ness.  White kitchen.  Black Accents.  Vibrant people.


Love, The Sisters

3 Ways to Use Our Teak Bowls

Don’t dismiss how a beautiful bowl can uplift a table’s landscape.  In our world, the bowl has limitless design possibilities. Listen up for three ways to use our teak bowls.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 11.04.26 AM.png

1. Plant some cute succulents.  Hens-and-Chicks, Whale’s Tongue Agave, and Pincushion Cactus would look delish in our Blush Dipped Bowl.  We give it green thumbs up!


2. Accent your coffee table with one of our bowls and fill them with fragrant pomelos and blood oranges for decoration. Or use it to house your smaller items such as your remotes, they need a home too! Our Teak and Copper Bowl would be perfect.


3. Decorative bowls are great to tidy up your space and give your things a place.  Keep our Teak Bowl by your entryway on a table or console to catch keys and loose change or on your dresser to hold your statement necklaces.


We get it…bowls serve a purpose. But we encourage you to look beyond the norm and break some rules.  Our bowls make rule-breaking look pretty damn good.


Love, The Sisters

Stripes Always Work

No matter the size of the stripe, whether it’s traditional or unconventional, the stripe will always draw your eye. It’s the most powerful yet neutral and easy pattern to work with.

A bold and strong stripe is best when used in smaller spaces or where folks won’t be lingering; like the foyer, hallway or powder room. When using them on furniture or with your accessories like pillows the fool-proof method is mixing them with a floral and a solid. It will never fail you!

Stripes are the most classic, never-ending trend out there!

They have been around since the beginning of time and will never go out of style. When in doubt, use a stripe! It will be the biggest and boldest statement in your space. Trust us on this one! We pulled together our favorite uses of the stripe.

Tell us what you think!

Our Current Blog Crushes

You may already know about these fabulous bloggers…but these days we find ourselves frequenting them on the regular for design inspiration.  If you haven’t stumbled across these creative do-er’s then get your lil butts to their design mecca’s and check them out.

  • Brittney Makes:  For project tutorials, and color overload!

  • New Darlings:  For a freakishly adorable husband and wife duo with mad mid century modern style, and MAJOR hair envy.  (Christina, your hair is to dye for!!!!)

  • House of Hipsters:  For “down to earth, I can actually achieve this look” design inspiration! Love it!

  • My Scandinavian Home:  For everything you wish your home was.

Pillows Under $50

No matter the size of the stripe, whether it’s traditional or unconventional, the stripe will always draw your eye. It’s the most powerful yet neutral and easy pattern to work with.

A bold and strong stripe is best when used in smaller spaces or where folks won’t be lingering; like the foyer, hallway or powder room.

When using them on furniture or with your accessories like pillows the fool-proof method is mixing them with a floral and a solid. It will never fail you!

Stripes are the most classic, never-ending trend out there!

They have been around since the beginning of time and will never go out of style. When in doubt, use a stripe! It will be the biggest and boldest statement in your space. As luxury Interior Designers, trust us on this one!

We pulled together our favorite uses of the stripe. Tell us what you think!

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