Father's Day-Gift Guide

The eye of the storm is that peaceful calm in the center of chaos.  That’s where you find good ol’ dad.  Dads are special like that.  Our pops is no exception.  He has inspired us in so many ways and we carry his life lessons in everything we do. “Conformity is the hobgoblin of little minds,” our father used to say. That desire to strive for authenticity and to be true to who we are is what drives our designs.

So how do we honor dad this year?  Only with local goods of course!  Let us help you with our handy Father’s Day gift guide. 


1) Brass Bottle Openers - Nothing better than pops poppin’ bottles up in here with these. Available at Design 4 Corners.

2) Swee’ Pea Bing Surfboard - Hang ten daddy-o with a Swee’ Pea surfboard. Shop the collection at BingSurfboards.

3) SUPERbrand Fin - Help the surfer dude in your life accessorize in the most righteous way.  SUPERbrand Surf Accessories is your local choice for all your dad’s quintessential needs.  Available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar

4) Proximity Book - Surfs up - A picture says a thousand words they say - If that’s the case this book should do the trick. Shop this book and many more coffee table books in our shop at Design 4 Corners.

5) Raen Sunglasses - Retro shades, like these Raen Sunglasses, will keep dad lookin’ fresh to death. 

6) Luau Socks - Sometimes the socks make the man.  Ok, maybe not…but it doesn’t hurt.  Check out Richer Poorer socks, available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar.

7) Evil Eye Flask - Theres nothing evil about this gift, make sure you keep an eye on it! Available at SALT Culture.

8) Havaina Sandals - Just make sure dad doesn’t wear his socks with these Havaiana sandals, also at @allday_allgoods.

9) Rustic Iron Wine Opener - You can’t wrong with a good wine opener, this one’s for all the men who believe its 5’oclock somewhere! Also available at SALT Culture.

10) Malabar Shorts (Brown) - Dad can rock these “Malabar” shorts land and sea! Shop the collection at SALT Culture.

11) Towel - This Slowtide beach towel is so divine, you’ll gift it…and then continuously borrow it. Available at @allday_allgoods.


Without dads, we wouldn’t be here.  Let’s all slow clap together and celebrate how awesome they are. Make this Father’s Day one to remember.


Love, The Sisters