Holiday Gift Guide


1) Winter Cook Book – Warm recipes for cold nights!

2) The Carlo Mack-Speckled Fedora Hat – Naughty or Nice, I’m really hoping this hat will be under the tree this year!

3) Plant Pots – If you’re ever in a pickle for a good gift, just get her a cute vase and some flowers, trust us!

4) Herkimer Diamond “Starburst” Stud Earrings – Look-in good girl, these are the perfect addition to any holiday outfit!

5) HOMEBODY – Raise your hand if you’re a “homebody” like us! Cuddle up on the couch with this baby and get inspired to create spaces in your home you’ll never want to leave.

6) Shema Wallet + Clutch – ATTENTION! We’ve discovered the perfect catch all wallet/clutch.

7) Kingston Tasseled Mule – GOLD – Everyone will be asking you where you got your shoes at this year’s holiday party in these babies!

8) Tiled Margot Monogram Mug – I mean can a mug get any sexier? Cheers!


Happy Shopping!

Love, The Sisters