How to Stay Sane as a Working Mom

Motherhood…just when you think you figure things out, you find that there’s just more to figure out.  My biggest realization as a mother is the sanctity of centering.  The endeavor of finding balance, presence, and mindfulness is just that- an endeavor.  It takes work and practice, but when I’m not centered, I find it more difficult to be present, patient and calm with my kids.  It’s non-stop action with two little boys running around and let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except, of course, to be a little less exhausted.

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Self-care is essential to motherhood. My goal is to look after myself as best I can to have the strength and energy to show up everyday for my kids, my husband and my business.  Here’s how I do it:

  1. MEDITATE.  It’s the first thing I do before the sun rises and my kids wake up.  Meditation is crucial to centering.  Nope, scratch that…meditation IS centering.  Side note: getting to bed on time is essential to being able to wake up before the sun comes up.  “Early to bed, early to rise…”

  2. EXERCISE.  Ever hear the phrase “eat the frog?”  Getting the big thing out of the way first naturally elevates the rest of your day.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  I don’t have time to hit the gym, so I opt to work out at home with online videos.  This too takes place before my kids wake up.

  3. CLEAN.  Metaphorically, if my house is like my brain, then a clean house means a clear mind…and clarity is sanity. I keep the house tidy during the week and I invest a few hours on the weekend to deep cleaning. However, I admit, I’m currently in the market for a regular housekeeper. After 10 years of living in Bali with amazing help, it’s the biggest treat to come home to a clean house.

  4. MEAL PREP.  It’s a pain in the ass. But nothing is more a pain in the ass than making dinner decisions for a family after a long day of making decisions at work. Sunday meal prep eliminates the daily stress of trying to figure out what to do for dinner, provides the opportunity to get creative with meals, and it frees up my weekday afternoons so I can spend more time with the kiddos.

  5. DATE.  So this working mama is dating…her husband. It’s important that we check in with each other and date night helps us remember that it really does start with us.


These are simple pillars of which I attempt to live by.  I stress “attempt,” as I’m no superhero. This is my formula. Your routine may look completely different than mine. In fact, it would be great to hear what self-care methods keep you sane. Let us know in the comments.


In that case, maybe I should add #6: KEEP LEARNING.


Love, Elaina