Style Tips from our Local Creative Guru: Jackie Percy

Creatives make this world go round and there’s nothing we love more than highlighting our local visionaries. Introducing the stylist herself, Jackie Percy. Her acute fashion sense brings us to our knees and she does classic and edgy like no one else. She is the jack of all aesthetic trades- photographer, graphic designer, jewelry designer, and stylist. Her creativity will inspire you…seriously.


Here’s Jackie’s top 6 insights to inspire your own inner sense of style.

1. Where and how did you gather your sense of style?

It’s always evolving really. I think I’m constantly gathering inspiration from the world around me, from studying different types of art, to sculpture and film. Studying art I was always analyzing forms and colors and textures. Naturally, I grew to apply a similar curatorial eye to my style and the way I put myself together. As my style has evolved, I’ve found myself more drawn to pieces that feel classic and clean, but also have something unique and fresh about them. I try to collect pieces that aren’t solely defined by trend so they will fit within my wardrobe longer as my taste continues to evolve and change.


2. What’s your go-to piece that every woman should/needs to own?

A nicely tailored black jumpsuit. Or, a good pair of high-waisted, wide leg trousers.


3.  What tips can you offer on defining or discovering your true self or sense of style?

Listen to yourself. Pay attention to what you find yourself drawn to, what you admire, and ask yourself whyyou like these things. Then assess how you could apply those styles, trends or pieces to yourself. I think it’s important to keep in mind your frame and unique features and learn what styles and silhouettes compliment them best. There are styles that I love aesthetically, but just don’t work that well on my short, petite frame or don’t mix well with my blunt bob, and that’s okay.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 5.07.26 PM.png

4.  Where do you shop for clothes? What’s your favorite shop?

I love to go virtual window shopping on sites like Bona DragNeed SupplyReformation. Then, once a piece sticks in my head long enough as a special or super useful piece, I’ll pull the trigger.

5.  What color do you recommend paying attention to right now?

I’m drawn to frosty sage hues lately. I’ve always been a sucker for all shades of green.

6.  What is a must for you to have in your home? What’s your home style like?What are your favorite design mags or blogs?

My husband and I have been living in a little place that was built in the1920’s for the past eight years, so the uniqueness of the spot has lead to a simple, modern vintage sort of design style. A must for me would be bringing touches of nature into the space. Plenty of natural light and some nice greenery in clean, neutral planters or simple glass vases goes a long way. Gather Journal and Above Sea Level are my absolute favorite magazines right now. While their subject matter is more food and beverage oriented, the creative direction (especially Gather Journal) is ridiculously good.

Quick round of:

Coffee or Tea:TEA

Lipstick or chapstick: CHAPSTICK. I’m addicted.

Heels or flats: These days FLATS (even though I’m short :/ )

Red wine or white:BOTH

Beach or mountains:BEACH

Hike or stroll:HIKE

Jeans or Skirt:TROUSERS?

Less or More:LESS

Read below to hear more about Jackie’s story…

What is your skill? What were you trained in?

I got my BA in Visual Arts at UCSD. While I took classes like Drawing, Sculpture & Performance Art, the skills that I cultivated most were critical thinking, conceptualization and curation. I was really pushed to learn how to communicate ideas through a variety of mediums with consideration of how people experience artwork. It was a really interesting time of exploration for me. Over the years I have taken additional courses in jewelry design and fabrication, learning mold making and lost wax casting.

What do you do now?

I have been working in digital marketing for the last two and half years. I spend my time in graphic and web design, art direction, email marketing, and content creation.

What would you prefer to be doing?

I’ve wanted to be an illustrator since I was a child. Jewelry design and photography bring me immense joy as well, and I’m very interested in other types of design like interior and landscape design. I’m drawn to creating spaces and experiences for people. When it comes down to it, I guess I’m still trying to hone in on what I’d most prefer.

When did you feel you came in to your own? Can you explain this a bit?

In my mid-twenties I guess. I was doing more jewelry design within this period and spending a lot of time researching and exploring designers of all different mediums. It really broadened my perspective on fashion and design and helped evolve my personal style.

What’s your favorite past time?

Drawing. And jigsaw puzzles. I love jigsaw puzzles.

What’s your current obsession?

I guess cooking. I really enjoy preparing meals and utilizing our local farmer’s markets to source ingredients. Purchasing food directly from farmers and producers helps me feel a bit more grounded and connected.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Exploring the Basque country of Spain.

We dig this blunt bob goddess.  Like really dig her.  From her earlier days serving at Tomiko’s (RIP Tomiko’s) to present day, Jackie Percy inspires us to stay curious and push our own limits of creativity.

Love, The Sisters