Innovative Ways To Use The Same Ol' Tile

You’re ready for a bathroom renovation and want a sexy, unique tile design on your floors and backsplash. You’re craving something different than all the trendy tile we see plastered all over Pinterest and Instagram. It’s easy to follow the trend, but if you’re looking for something a little bolder and unique keep reading. We’re notorious for breaking the rules and getting creative with design. We love stepping out of the box and exploring new ways to use the same materials we all know and love.

Let’s start with the infamous subway tile. How many times have you seen white subway tile in a bathroom or kitchen design? It’s definitely a classic design, but can be used in many ways. Try switching up the pattern, maybe create a herringbone design, try mixing different colors or even mixing it with other tiles. If you just love the look of subway tile, but want something a little different here’s some inspiration and alternative tiles you can use in your design!

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Next, let’s play with penny tile. Penny tile is super versatile. We’ve seen it done so many ways, specifically with black and white tile. Try playing with a section of your floor or wall and use one color or pattern. Try mixing penny tile with other tiles, create words or outline a space. Penny tile is a fun way to get the pattern or design you want but can’t seem to find. Here’s some inspiration as well as some other tiles that play off the classic penny tile design.

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We’re suckers for a good 3D tile. A beautiful 3D tile can completely transform a space! If you like the classic hexagon or scallop shaped tiles, try something with a little more depth! You’ll be surprised what it can do to your space!

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Application is everything! Sure, we are used to seeing tile on bathroom walls to protect the dry wall from collecting mold and in the kitchen as a backsplash for easy clean up, but there are so many other ways where you can use tile in your home! Get creative! Be bold! We love using tile as decorative stair risers or even in the pool! And don’t forget a table top or headboard, replace it with tile! No one else will have it and it’s unique to your home!


We hope these ideas inspire you to have fun with tile in your designs!

Be bold. Be different. Set the trend, don’t follow it!

Love, The Sisters

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