Our Design Process

Football players need plays.  Cross-country trips need maps.  Builders need blueprints.  And the sisters… well, we need a process.  In fact, it’s so fundamental, it may as well be a part of us. 

Designing a space can be overwhelming, just like any project, but what most fail to realize is that the magic lies in the process.  The process itself is sacred.  People hire us to transform and transcend their spaces, spaces that can be so personal.  As designers we form the bridge between the clients’ desires and our creative eye.  And how do we build that bridge?



We listen.  Our process always starts and ends with the clients.  We listen to what they love and what they don’t.  We ask our clients to paint us a picture about the space we’re designing.  Are there kids running around or is it an adult only space?  How many friends come over for dinner and who’s cooking? (And also, can we come?) Are you cooking inside or grilling outside? What music is playing? Do you have pets and if so, can they chill on the furniture? Do you like a dark room in the morning or do you prefer to wake with the sun? What’s your favorite color and what’s off limits? Do you prefer form over function or function over form? This discovery, through the organic game of question and answer, is paramount to the process. But it’s just the beginning.

We learn.  Once we have an idea of what the client wants, we deep dive into the plans.  We study the architecture. We research. We navigate through books and magazines.  We drive around and study buildings. We visit a museum or a particular restaurant.  All this in the pursuit of golden nuggets, those moments of inspiration that shape the design.  These moments are the magic keys that open the door to our creative path.  Marc Jacobs noted, “Design is a series of creative choices- it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process.  Through the process, you realize what you want it to be.” 

We create.  Once the ideas are in place and the design concept has been established, we have our road map. We follow the map as it guides us through sourcing, ordering, purchasing, and managing of the project.  The process is heavily peppered with site visits, correspondence with the contractors, and eventually installation. It’s pretty extraordinary, not just for our clients, but for us as well, to see everything come together.  It’s a great day when you can stand in the marvel of a vision fully realized.


Like we say, the magic is in the process… and we’re the magic-makers. Process is everything.

Love, The Sisters