Our Bali Trip

Imagine this with us for a second. We’ve just arrived in Bali, we take our first steps out of the airport after a 24-hour flight. It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon in Bali, but our cloudy minds think its’ midnight the day before. Mopeds and cars rush by as we make our way through the crowd to our car. We’re greeted by some old friends and their welcoming hugs ground us immediately and we forget the jet lag. Laughter and conversation fill the air.

It’s been a year since we left this beautiful island, a place Elaina and her husband called home for 10 years. A place her two sons, Hudson and Quinn grew up in, a place they took their first steps and said their first words. A place full of memories. As we begin our journey to our villa the sounds, smells and views are so familiar. Feels like home again.

During our trip, we were lucky enough to stay in the same villa Elaina called home when she lived in Bali. We’ve since gifted this villa to our dear friend Angela and her family, owners of Cleobella. It is now called the Wyldrove Villa. When Elaina moved, we helped renovate the space with a few extra little touches such as our wallpaper that hangs proudly in the guest bedroom.


Bali, a little island, known for its iconic rice paddies, beaches and beautiful temples. All the rumors are true, this little place is slice of paradise.


Our time in Bali was spent eating authentic Balinese food, exploring the jungle with old friends, and practicing yoga at one of our favorite spots, Desaseni. Most of the trip was spent visiting old vendors and supply shops and gathering inspiration for new projects.


Words and pictures do not do Bali justice. You’ll need to experience it for yourself and we hope you get the chance because this little island has a big and beautiful heart.


Love, Jess