Real Wood vs. Porcelain Wood Tile

So it’s time to rip up that nasty carpet.  First, high-fives all around because you don’t have time for that carpet life.  Now, you’re in a conundrum- real wood floors or porcelain wood tile? Religious followers of @ihavethisthingwithfloors understands how big of a decision this is.  Consider this your cheat sheet as we take you through the ughs and ahhs of both options.

Real Wood

The Ahhs of Real Wood -

Aesthetically pleasing


Natural variation in each plank of wood

Improves your home’s value, if and/or when you want to sell


More comfortable to walk on

Hardwood is warmer on your feet versus tile, especially noticeable in colder climate areas

The Ughs of Real Wood -

Can easily scratch, dent, warp, crack and chip over time and under the stress of traffic, pets and messes

Needs to be refinished and resealed every couple of years

Not easy to replace or repair after damages

Not eco-friendly



Porcelain Wood Tiles

The Ahhs of Porcelain Wood Tile -

Can withstand damages such as scratches and dents

Waterproof and hold up great in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements

Can be applied to any application


Inexpensive/Cost Effective

The Ughs of Porcelain Wood Tile –

Expensive installation  

Trendy and may go out of style

Tile is tough, but can still crack or chip

Can be slippery when wet

Loud acoustics- since tile reflects sound, it’s naturally louder. Rugs can help alleviate this issue.

Harder to walk on

Tile can be colder on your feet and this may be uncomfortable in colder climate areas


Once you have a good idea of what option will work best for you, now you need to figure out where to get your flooring.  We got you.

Real Wood Floor Retailers:

Cali Bamboo


Porcelain Tile Retailers:

Arizona Tile


Suggested Cleaning Products:

Bona – Tile Floor Cleaner

Bona – Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Myers – Clean Day

If you’re still scratching your head, we can help with the most beautiful and affloordable option.  Yup. We went there. BUT if you really want to know our opinion real wood all the way!


Love, The Sisters