A Chair With Personality

We walk into the local antique shop, a staple sourcing spot for us sisters, and immediately we’re surrounded by treasures and history. As we walk through the aisles our eyes carefully skim every shelf for the perfect piece. Suddenly something catches the corner of our eyes. It’s a sweet mid-century style chair towards the back of the shop. We’re immediately drawn to its mustard colored fabric. It speaks to us as though to say “Hello, how do you do?” We’re captivated by its energy and we take a moment to guess its history and how it got there before running to the register to purchase. Who sat in this chair, where did it live, what’s it’s story? This chair undoubtably has a personality - It’s sweet in nature and approachable. We think maybe it traveled from a mid-century home in Palm Springs where it sat in a beautiful living room for most of its life. Perhaps it shared late-night dinner parties and game nights with its guests. There’s a small stain on the seat, but you can hardly see it. You can tell it was well cared for and likes red wine as much as we do. It seems regal, sophisticated and inviting.

At this point you probably think we’re crazy, but we believe chairs have personalities just like us. If you think about it, every single chair is different. Different shapes, styles, colors and stories. Are you still with us? HA! Read on to see which chair speaks to each of us in our office and what we believe their personality is.

Perhaps you can relate…

Elaina’s Chair

“She sits tall and stately in my living room, capturing your attention as soon as you walk in. She’s large and in charge and knows how to make a statement. She has slender bones, but has the ability to hold anyone who sits in her comfortably. She reclines with an ottoman that pops up from under her feet. She is tailored and sophisticated, but non-intimidating. She speaks confidence yet at the same time puts everyone in the room at ease. Milo Baughman is tattooed on her arm and she wears a mustard tweed coat. Leo is in her chart!


Susanna’s Chair

They speak to me. They’re smile-like shapes evoke happiness and pure joy. They aim to please. They are whimsical, yet elevated. They were born during the Art Deco period (circa 1930) a style that always makes my heart skip a beat. They are content and serve a basic purpose. Two halves of a circle that together equal one. Circles and round shapes symbolize visiting places and people multiple times. They are well traveled and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. They were cast from restored wood and soft velvet fabric. Two materials that are completely different, but together create character. Wood, a hard-headed material, not easily broken. Velvet, silky to the touch and soft in nature, but tightly woven and unbelievably strong. They’re colors, burnt orange and brown, like a fall afternoon - colors that emanate feelings of happiness, family and celebration.



Art Deco Stools

Jessica’s Chair

She was born on the white sandy beaches of Australia. Handcrafted by a local artist; her bones are made from natural rattan and her body crafted from light washed linen fabric. She sits tall with a beautiful crown on her head. She lives on the beach and loves a good cocktail. Her design is simple and laid back, welcoming and comforting. She’s extremely social and is always making new friends. She works at a boutique hotel on the beach as a receptionist in the lobby. She prefers flip flops over heels any day and never leaves the house without her surfboard for a quick session after work. 



Lobby Lounge Chair

Jennifer’s Chair

She’s is a party girl. The perfect blend of Miss Piggy and the Olsen Twins, not afraid to showcase her style and flair. She’s the life of the party. She’s generous and outgoing. Her body carefully crafted from glass and steel. For those who take a seat, she politely allows their outfit to shine through. Her pink fur seat allows it to be more comfortable and inviting. 



Fredrik Paulsen Chair


For those who are still with us, which chair do you relate to the most? Can you see personality in these chairs as we see it? Is there a chair in your life that breathes personality and character? We’d love to hear!

Love, The Design 4 Corners Team

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