Meet The Maker - Maggie Boyd of Landmark Plant Co.

We first discovered this sweet, little plant oasis as we were sourcing for one of our home installs. Its location is perfectly placed on a corner right as you enter Leucadia from the highway. The fence surrounding the property is painted white with a beautiful black and white mural of cacti and succulents. Outside is a large sidewalk sign that reads “COME ON IN, WE DON’T SUCC.” – Yup that’s definitely our kind of place! As soon as you walk into the shop you’re transported to a beautiful plant paradise. It’s well decorated and perfectly curated (WARNING: you’ll want to stay all day and buy everything)! We sat down with the owner, Maggie Boyd, to chat a little about being a boss lady and share our mutual love for plants and home décor!

Can you tell us a little about your business Landmark Plant Co. and how you got started?

My fiancé and I own Landmark Plant Co., which is a full-service design and build company. We live locally in Leucadia and were looking for an office space! We drove past the property a million times, falling in love with the location every time, and when it went on the market we immediately jumped on it! We saw incredible potential in the space and decided to merge the office with a plant boutique; from there Landmark Plant Co. was born! 

Image via  Landmark Plant Co.

 What services do you offer?

We are a full landscape design and build company. We offer landscape design, interior plant scaping, maintenance services etc … We are constantly working with interior designers and architects to create cohesive designs from the inside out. In addition, we are a boutique, selling plants, pots and curated home decor items! We also offer planting at Landmark Plant Co. You can bring your own pot or of course purchase everything you need in our shop. We have materials available for you to plant at our boutique or we’ll plant it for you! We’re a one-stop-shop! 

In addition, for those of you who find it overwhelming to maintain your plants, Landmark Plant Co. offers a maintenance service for your business and residential homes throughout San Diego.

Image via  Landmark Plant Co.
Image via  Landmark Plant Co.

 What are some of the best plants to put in your home and why?

The ride or die plants that we like to suggest for any space are the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant and the Mother-In-Law (Snake) Plant. First, both of these plants are really good air purifiers, meaning they help clean the air in your space. They are also very structured plants so they don’t take up a lot of space and they both grow fairly high, which is very nice for larger spaces. Neither require that much sunlight, which is also nice for interior spaces that have low light.

Images via  The Sill

Images via The Sill


 What kind of plants do you have in your own home?

I love plants (obviously) and have always had plants in my home. I have all types of plants in my home including, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monsteras (which are some of my favorite) and I have a huge Alocasia Plant sitting in my living room that is my pride and joy! I would definitely consider myself a maximist when it comes to plants - the more the merrier!

 Do you always need a drain hole in your pot?

This is a very common question that I get asked all the time. It’s really a personal preference and it depends on the environment your plant is living in! Many, if not all, exterior pots have drainage holes, specifically for rainwater. Indoors it’s not necessary to have a drainage hole, you just need to be mindful of overwatering.

Helpful Hint: Keep your plants in their nursery pots as long as possible. The nursery pots come with drainage holes and I have found, from experience, that if I keep my plants in their nursery pots they tend to last longer. If you’re bringing your new plant indoors make sure to get a liner to place under the nursery pot to avoid water from spilling everywhere. Feel free to place the nursery pot and liner in a prettier pot to make it more athletically pleasing in your space. And if you need help with that - that’s where we come in!

Image via  Landmark Plant Co.

 Is there anything new at Landmark Plant Co. that we should be looking out for? 

YES!!! We are opening a new shop in Oceanside, CA - 1500 sq. ft. of planting goodness - NOVEMBER 2019!

We carry a lot of really great local art pieces at our Leucadia shop, including wall art and ceramics, however in the new Oceanside location, we’ll be carrying furniture and home décor as well!

Image via  Landmark Plant Co.

Lightning Round:

Cactus or Palm - CACTUS

Solid or Pattern - PATTERN

Minimalist or Maximist - MAXIMIST

Moody or Light & Airy  - MOODY

Form or Function - FORM 

Gold (Brass) or Silver - BOTH

If youre looking for more information on plant care visit their website here. They share some great tips and tricks to keeping your plants happy and healthy!

Landmark Plant Co. is located at 495 Leucadia Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024

and is open everyday 10am – 6pm

Love, The Sisters (and Maggie)

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