How to Create Your Very Own Terrarium

Calling all our green thumb friends – we’ve got a little spring DIY project for you!

Who doesn’t love a good terrarium?   Green thumb magic is not required, just a little love.  Terrariums are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoor life inside. And you know that’s our specialty.  They are super easy to make and the best part is they don’t require a whole lot of watering. Once you start you’ll want to make a million! So grab your girlfriends and bring some life into your home!

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What you will need:

A terrarium or pot of your choice.

Some cute succulent or cacti plants of your choice.  Our top picks are donkey’s tail, perle von Nurnberg, and crassula baby’s necklace.  Succulents and cacti are great because they don’t require a whole lot of watering, just a lot of sunlight which we are in no shortage of here in San Diego.

Planting material such as rocks and soil.

A spoon. We just used a spoon from our kitchen to place the plants in place.

A syringe. We use this to water our plants to get directly to the roots and because our plants are so small in this case they don’t need much water.

Gloves. Potting cacti sans gloves is no bueno. We recommend nitrile coated gloves.

Colored sand (optional). This adds a little extra something to your terrarium or potted plant. You can also use small decorative rocks or moss.


Step One:

Add your base layer. This can be rocks, sand or gravel. This layer is for drainage. Depending on how big or small your container is you will want at least a half an inch to an inch of this material.


Step Two:

Add your soil. We like to use the spoon for this step. You can play around with the amount of soil here, however you want to make sure that the roots are all surrounded by soil. That is very important!


Step Three:

Add your succulents. This is the fun part! We like to make little holes in the soil before placing them. Add your plants as desired, packing the soil around them tightly. Use the gloves with cacti in this step!


Step Four:

Add your sand. This is an optional step, of course, but we like to add a little color to our terrariums. We use the spoon for this step and cover the soil with the sand.


Step Five:

Water your plant. Using the syringe, We like to take a small amount of water (again depending on your pot size) and water the base of the plant.


And voila… you’ve made your own terrarium! If you used succulents and cacti as we did, you’ll want to place your terrarium or potted plant in a very sunny place in your home or office. Succulents and cacti LOVE the sun! We like to keep ours on our desks in the office next to a window!

We hope this Spring turtorial inspires you to bring a little life into your home!

If you’re looking for some cute pots check out our Teak Bowls perfect for this little project!

A big thank you to Pigment, in North Park for all the materials you’ve seen in this tutorial including the plants, the soil, and the sand.


Happy planting!


Love, The Sisters

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