Using Black + White in Your Home

The centerpiece to any great kitchen is simply the people who fill it. When our client called for white, her favorite color, we were excited about creating a kitchen ready for her family’s most memorable moments. Using accents of black made this design dramatic without taking away from this clean and timeless look.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 1.32.56 PM.png

Our client is a high-powered attorney with two small kids who was looking for a sacred space, a solace for her family to gather. We removed her multi-angled, multi-height island and swapped it for a long, wide quartz counter island so she could keep her eye on her kids while she was cooking and completely transformed her outdated kitchen to a full-functioning space ready for entertaining.


It’s important to bring elements of the outside in, starting with natural light. We converted a window to a door and added an additional door, providing sunlight and access to the yard. Black framed and mullion doors, often called factory doors (and totally #trending right now), complimented the white space. Structurally, making these doors work was a challenge, but provided the design impact for that one-two punch, knockout kitchen.


If you look closely you will notice some architectural detail work in the cabinetry.  As designers, sometimes we delight in keeping it simple. Peppering this stark white kitchen with black accents made a big impact.   It’s an understated fabulous-ness.  White kitchen.  Black Accents.  Vibrant people.


Love, The Sisters