Mothers Day - Gift Guide

The swarm that is motherhood is notably discerned by the bundles of moments that are forever etched in heart and mind. Like the first time I made eye contact. The first time they fell asleep and I couldn’t stop staring at them. Or the terror in giving them their first bath.


And it changes so fast. Blink speed.  Like the time I woke up to find Hudson in the kitchen sitting on the kitchen counter throwing flour and pouring oil all over the floors. Or the way Quinn would scream my name, MOMMY at the top of his lungs. The way they search for your hands or wrap them selves around your legs so tightly when we’re walking through a crowd. The way they run to you so excited and so happy to see you. Or the endless car rides when they screamed the whole ride because they hated their car seat. Or, my personal favorite, the amazing snuggles in the morning when they first wake up.   Like I said, blink speed.

It’s a long series of overlapping, jumbled moments, as my memory has been compromised with sleep deprivation and the intense focus on trying to keep them alive. Most of the time, I feel I’m on the verge of losing my mind, but just as I get close to the zenith of complete insanity, I hear their sweet voices tell me how much they love me or feel their small hands caressing my face.  And like magic, I’m transported to the basecamp of motherhood, the home of unconditional love.

Being a mother is like riding a roller coaster that never docks. It’s a tough and, at times, nauseating job. The love is so massive it can feel terrifying. Whether they’re telling you how yucky dinner tastes or they’re both screaming for different things at the same time or one is throwing up while the other is battling a high fever; the struggle is most definitely real, but nothing competes with the relentless devotion a mom has for her child. You don’t question it, ever. It’s the most natural feeling. And so you get through the sleepless nights, the thankless cooking, the throwing of food, the tantrums in the middle of a store, the projectile vomiting on the person sitting next to you on the plane, the utter fear the first time you lose sight of them in a busy place, their first cut, fall or bruise. You don’t stop. They keep you on your toes and they bring you to your knees. It’s a beautiful thing. A wonderful, scary and incredibly exhausting, majestic thing. And I love it. They are my everything.


Let’s not forget that we moms need a little celebrating now and again. I have a newfound respect for my own mother and all the mothers out there. We’re in this together. Whether you have a human baby or a furry baby, we are all devoted. And that devotion makes the world go around. So, here is a little round up of some of the things that I would get myself as a treat. Perhaps, a reminder to take care of yourself. You deserve it.